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Ksana Radio Episode 3 The Best Electronic Music Of 2019

The Best Electronic Music of 2019 By Picthfork Tracklists 1 laidback luke: Oh yes 2 Complete walkthru: Rn Atm Lcymi 3 Complete walkthru: learn in 4 Complete walkthru: Honey Moon 5 Leif: Igam Ogram 6 Anunaku: Forgotten Tales 7 Anunaku: Bronze Age 8 Caribou: Can’t do without you 9 YUSU: Tipu’s Tiger 10 YUSU: […]

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Csquare Episode #21 Push It nigger

csuqare episode 21 – push it nigger 1  Hugh Hopper & Alan Gowen – Morning Order – Two Rainbows Daily (1980) 2. Truth is The Key – Tarika Blue – Tarika Blue (1977) 3. We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue – Curtis Mayfield – Curtis Mayfield Live (1973) 4. Purple Afternoon Hypnotic Brass Ensemble […]

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Top podcasts all front-end developers should follow

Top podcasts all front-end developers should follow🎙 Podcasts are a great way for developers to strengthen their skills and follow what’s happening in the world of web development. Since it is common to have a smartphone with us, enjoying podcasts are an easy way to consume that content from basically anywhere. Today, I’ll share my favorite […]

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